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Following is a partial list of positive side effects of the signature capture process:

  • Separation of active and inactive accounts: The client may decide on different retention, storage and disposition for active and inactive accounts. This separation is a natural consequence of the capture process.
    Physical filing clean up: Many accounts are likely to have been misfiled through years of use. The capture and refile process “cleans up” orphan, ghost and misfiled accounts. Although the purpose of the capture process is to reduce or eliminate physical filing, reality tells that a parallel test is always advisable, and that legal or other reasons may suggest keeping a clean paper file for at least a few months if not longer. This paper set is expected to be seldom, if ever, used.
  • Host database clean up: The result of the capture process allows a “reality check” of the client’s host database records. This may prove invaluable to the client, as most errors and imperfections are subject to corrections, including bad account numbers, bad names, dates, etc.
  • Additional data extraction: Some host databases may lack data only available on the paper files, or have suffered accuracy problems. During the capture process, it is possible to optimize the extraction of such data. For example, by handwriting and later recognizing the membership date on our face sheets, we may add great marketing value to the client.

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