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ISA – A Service Bureau Specializing in High Volume Document Capture

Natural and man-made disasters, along with the irreversible shift to remote working, made digitization of physical records crucial. There are many success stories about gains in competitiveness and efficiencies thanks to digitization, only surpassed by the number of horror stories about keeping physical records. Our proven methodologies and technology make it affordable, accurate and safe.

Since 1993, ISAUSA has digitized over 2 billion images from paper, bound books, large drawings, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards for hundreds of clients

No other service bureau is so uniquely qualified to offer both high quality and low cost. We have accomplished this unprecedented combination of benefits by developing sophisticated technology based on decades of imaging and production oriented expertise.

Our creative production lines are capable of meeting any challenge for any size job. We customize them to perfection for each and every project, so you can enjoy both low cost and high quality.

Our plant in Newbury Park, CA is equipped with top of the line, state of the art resources. We are fully self-sufficient, so we use no subcontractors for any of our production lines.

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partial list of our clients includes:

School Districts
: Las Virgenes Unified School District, Ventura Unified School District, Ventura Superintendent of Schools, Temecula School District Facilities. As a sub for Konica Minolta, we digitized records for Conejo Valley SD, South Bay SD and Santa Monica/Malibu SD. We also digitized various other school districts as a subcontractor for other prime vendors.

: City of Burbank, City of Santa Barbara, City of Oxnard, City of Malibu, City of Thousand Oaks, City of Anaheim, City of Long Beach, City of Birmingham, City of Commerce, City of Fremont, City of Hidden Hills, City of Lynwood, City of Napa, City of El Cajon, City of Santa Clarita, City of Ventura, City of Davis, City of Fillmore, City of West Sacramento, City of Santa Monica, City of Irvine, City of Chino Hills, City of Azusa, and others we serviced as a subcontractor for major prime vendors.


: County of Ventura, County of Luna, County of San Diego, County of Waukesha, County of Los Angeles and others we serviced as a subcontractor for major prime vendors.

Defense and Aerospace
: JPL/NASA, U.S. Air Force, Caltrans, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Stanley Aviation, Bechtel, EDO, L3 Communications, Whaling West, Tavco, Williams Aerospace, All Clear.

Police Departments
: Fremont, Visalia.

Medical and Pharma
: Amgen, Kaiser, Community Memorial Hospital of San Buenaventura, St Jude Medical, ACE Medical, Mentor, Karl Storz, Cottage Hospital, Sansum Clinics, Specialty Laboratories and others we serviced as a subcontractor for major prime vendors.

: Cal Lutheran, USC, Antioch.

Industrial: Renco, Ambitech, CalTrans, Rhodia, Tekelec, Caterpillar, Applied Silicone and others we serviced as a subcontractor for major prime vendors. 

Legal: LegalSource, ADS, others.


Financial: Sunamerica Securities, California Professional Employers, others.

Nuclear: Epcort, Palo Verde, Mirant.

International: Sweden/Norway, Argentina, Mexico.

Other: Getty Museum, Hearst archives, Lennar, CamRosa Water, SHOAH Foundation, SunAmerica Securities, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Warner Brothers, Tri Counties Regional Center, Episcopal Community Services, Bible Society, US Senate, various State and Federal Agencies, INS, and many others we serviced as a subcontractor for major prime vendors.

Your Volumes. Our Captures!


Unbound Paper: 150-175 Pages per Inch

Standard File Box : 2,000 – 2,500 Pages per Box

Banker Style Boxes: 4,500 – 5,000 Pages per Box

Vertical File Cabinet : 3,500 – 4,000 Pages per Drawer

Slides, Photos: 100 – 120 Photos Per Inch

Open Shelving: 1,500 Pages Per Horizontal Foot

Lateral File Cabinet: 5,000 to 6,000 Pages per Drawer

Drawings (Flat, unfolded): 125 – 150 Sheets per Inch

16 mm microfilm roll: 2,000 to 3,000 frames per roll

35 mm microfilm roll: 200 to 400 frames per roll

Microfiche: naked 150 per inch; on envelopes: 80 per inch.



Paper: 15,000-20,000 sheets per scanner per shift

Drawings: 300 to 600 sheets per scanner per shift

16 mm film: 30 rolls per scanner per shift

Aperture Cards: 2,000 cards per scanner per shift

COM Fiche: 30,000 frames per scanner per shift

Standard Microfiche: 20,000 frames per shift

Bound Books: 2,000 pages per scanner per shift