High quality capture of large format drawings requires top of the line equipment, technology and expertise. Some of the challenges to expect include fragile paper, extreme thickness, faint traces, extreme dimensions, precise positioning and scaling, Mylar, double sided prints, reflective surfaces, mixed large and standard size documents and more. Proven methodologies include color or grayscale scanning, sophisticated image processing and comprehensive production workflow software. Besides providing load files for bulk importing into the client’s document repository we also offer simple desktop solutions at no cost.


Enhanced Search Experience with Title Block Thumbnails (blurred to protect sensitive information)

A set of drawings can be retrieved easily through traditional index data values such as street addresses. However, users frequently need to narrow down their search using data only found on title blocks. It is not cost effective to index this supplementary search data and requires subject matter expertise. By displaying the title blocks of a set as thumbnails the search experience is remarkably improved. (See White Papers for more)