Reliable capture of microfiche requires top of the line equipment, technology and expertise. Some of the challenges to expect include extreme film densities, overlapping frames, mixed polarities, mixed sizes and orientations, poor filming and/or film developing, unpredictable changes in row/column frame sequencing, index frame capture and processing, title metadata capture and processing, document separator targets within a sheet, diversity of fiche styles and sizes (COM, Jacketed, Step and Repeat, Jumbo, diazo, silver, etc.) and more. Proven methodologies include grayscale scanning in whole rows or multi-frame segments, precise frame positioning, creative cross-referencing of index frame and title metadata with frame coordinates, sophisticated frame detection and extraction, sophisticated image processing and comprehensive production workflow software. We provide load files for bulk importing into designated document repositories.  If the digitized fiche is not to be hosted in a document management system, we offer creative desktop solutions at no cost that can also save fortunes in massive indexing efforts.


Autofeeding microfiche using RawScan
Autofeeding microfiche without using RawScan

Manual feed of microfiche using RawScan
QC/Repair of microfiche-frame by frame
Lights-Out QC of microfiche row by row (any light may be a defect)
During “Lights-Out” QC illuminated areas mean trouble that may require fixing
Example of fixing a frame that was wrongly split
Using RawScan and 100% QC frames can be of extreme lengths (small or large)