Service Options – µFilm2CD
Off-site capture: Your filmed documents are shipped to our facility. We will perform all digitization, indexing, QC and publishing at our plant and regularly deliver finished, retrievable CD ROMs to you. We offer a 24 hours a day hotline to satisfy any request to pull a document not yet delivered in CD format.

On-site capture: We post equipment and staff at your facility for the duration of the conversion process. Only electronic images, not film, leave your premises for the purpose of completing the processing and publishing cycle. Very strict QC and confidentiality procedures are enforced.

Facilities Management: The entire process is performed at your site. No film or electronic images ever leave your premises. Options available include: Our staff or yours, lease, rent, purchase, buy-back, and obsolescence guarantee.

Contract-to-Own: We perform part of the conversion as a combination of any of the above options. Once the production line has been setup and proven to work to perfection to satisfy your needs based on the nature of your documents, you may elect to purchase a scaled-down or identical system. The system consists of hardware, software, documentation and training.