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Signature subimage extraction:
This optional feature is very valuable to users who are entertaining the possibility of transferring these small images to their centralized host computer, thus providing easy signature access to every teller terminal. Some vendors offer teller software already capable of showing such small image along with their regular screens. If the software does not provide this capability, we may provide our image-enabling option. The benefits of accessing on-line signatures are vast, and include: 

  • Fraud prevention.
  • Faster customer service (shorter wait times)
  • Cost savings.
  • Ability to centralize signature images (no need for multiple copies).

Our methodology allows very efficient extraction and QC of such subimages, and takes into account multiple signatures, joint and trust accounts, and parent/tutor signatures for minors.

Retrieval Software:
We have developed our own retrieval software and database and image publishing on CD or other media. Small networks or stand-alone PCs may retrieve our production results using our view/fax/print software.

Image enabling:
We are capable of image-enabling the client’s host environment, to add signature file and signature image view to existing applications.

Integration to third party imaging systems:
All results of our service are subject to exportation over any third party imaging application.

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